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Optimize your customer journey

Watch your users move in real-time and discover new user journeys easily.

  • Discover user journeys.

  • Watch your users move in real-time.

Discover new user paths

Bring your data from Stripe to learn how users behave according to their LTV.

  • Filter funnels according to a user’s subscriptions.

  • Get notified when high LTV users get stuck.

Find bottlenecks and improve conversion

Weekly notifications with insights to help you get more users to convert.

  • Learn how many users complete your funnels weekly.

  • Get insights weekly in your inbox.

43% of your users got stuck in a funnel.

That’s 13% worst than last week.

13 high LTV users ($1552) didn't finish

on boarding this week.

Product-led growth starts here

Optimize user’s onboarding

See where users get stuck and improve your onboarding flow with our suggestions.

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Reduce churn of high LTV users

See how high LTV users behave and keep them engaged with automated messages.

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Identify when users get stuck

See how your users behave in real-time and identify when and where people are getting stuck.

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And much more

Get user data directly from your app

Connect with Segment or a webhook to get your user data into Palabra and start learning!

Connect Stripe and identify high LTV users

Learn how your high LTV users are behaving by connecting your Stripe account to Palabra.

User data you can trust

We analyze your data to look for problems so you know that what you are seeing is what matters.

Download your data at any time

No lock down. Download all your data at any time, no questions asked.

Email your users if they get stuck

Reach out to your users directly from Palabra if they get stuck.

Our customers are saying...


“This is so cool, getting to this kind of information is usually much harder and here you get to mix data to know what types of users are using each feature.”

Bethany Stachenfeld,

COO @ Sendspark


“What I like about Palabra is that it's very opinionated. When a tool like this comes around, that gives you more insight about your users and tells you how it should be, like, you should have a funnel that your users go through, people just build better companies.”

Courtland Allen,

Founder @ Indie Hackers


“The information is very clean and it cuts down to exactly what you're looking for, which you don't quite get with the other analytics tools that I'm familiar with.”

Evan Zhang,

Technical Product Manager

@ Ocrulus


“It looks great, I haven't seen any tool that shows this. Segmenting data and giving insights for product, and at the same time showing who we should reach out to.”

Robert Kowalski,

Co-founder @ Gyfted


“I like the CSM element of it, knowing where each user is on their journey and making the decision to reach out instead of having automated time-based communications that not always fit what customers need.”

Alexandra Bjargardóttir,

Director of Growth @ Grid


“Palabra feels like Notion, it has this incredible design and the product velocity is extraordinary. It’s one of the fastest I’ve seen. ”

Jason Calacanis, Angel investor

Get to a product people love without the guesswork

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